It’s been hot! Upper eighties to low nineties. Averaging 12 to 15 miles for the last two days. Scenery and views are fantastic. Hiking is tough, more challenging then I anticipated. Hiking with Mr. Burns (his Trail name), he is 71 years old and is doing well. So far I have seen no moose but there is a lot of droppings on the trail I think they think it’s funny to poop on the trail and hopefully one of us hikers will slip and fall. Hiker lesson learned when wearing your mosquito and bug head net make sure you lift it up before you have to spit otherwise it’s very gross and hard to clean until you get to a stream – hiking 101. Stopped at a hostel located in the wilderness for the night to refresh and shower after four hot stinky days and also a good meal. Had a half pound burger, coleslaw,chips, Gatorade and yes conference grounds team, a cold beer it was good! Drink the beer for the calories that I needed!