Left this morning from the Grounds at 4 am and traveled to Kalamazoo to fly from their to Chicago and then on to Bangor, Maine. Was picked up by a retired missionary, Dan Willis, who operates “God’s Country” shuttle service who brought me to Millinocket which is the town just outside of Baxter State Park. Tonight I’m staying at Baxter Park Inn. Wednesday morning, July 3, Dan will pick me up at 5 am to take to Katahdin stream campground where I will start my 5.2 mile hike up Mt. Katahdin to the starting point of my south bound hike and then back down again. I will camp at Katahdin stream campground Tuesday night and then head into the Maine 100 mile wilderness on the forth of July. I’m hoping to complete that section in about eight days. In that section I will have limited cell phone coverage and you may not see an updated post for a week. Thank you for covering me with prayer along with Brenda and the Grounds ministry team!