Two more days of hiking completed and covered 28 more miles. Hking with a couple of guys whose Trail names are lucky boy and cheesesteak. Lucky boy is about my age and cheese steak is about 10 years younger. We hiked at about the same speed and have the same type of characteristics and personalities that fit well. An answer to prayer! I am tired and looking forward to a rest day on Thursday. In hiking terms it is called a zero day. I will shower resupply rest and do laundry. I also plan to eat a lot of non Trail food over the next day to gain some of my 9 pounds back. Eating Trail food has been an adjustment for me. Missing my daily donuts plus additional snacks. Still have not seen any moose or bears just squirrels chipmunks and snakes. The many waterfalls, streams, lakes, and the beauty of the wilderness has been fantastic. God’s creation is amazing.Hiking lesson: “Many small steps make for big steps!”