It’s been awhile since an update. Cell phone coverage has been pretty much non-existent in the backwoods of Maine. Hiking is going well the terrain is still very rugged with lots of up and downs and very rocky. Shoes are taking a beating. Hopefully they will make 700 miles, currently have 250 miles on them including break-in time and my trial hike this spring. Lucky Boy, whom I’m currently hiking with (same age and skills) helped a distressed hiker who was down on the trail, dehydrated, and mentally out of it and asked to be taken off the trail. Lucky Boy used his GPS after climbing up a mountain to get a signal to call the ranger and medical help. I guided the hiker after giving them water and food and carried their pack to the closest shelter where the rescue personnel would get him. Made camp that night in the dark but felt good about helping someone on the trail.

Day 12 was uneventful and a very enjoyable hike. Beautiful scenery but still no big critter sightings. Lots of squirrels and chipmunks. Sleeping in my tent not in the shelters. Seeing about 6-10 northbound through hikers each day. Most are ready to be done! They started back in February and early March.

Day 13 a rain day. Third one of my hike. Made it to bed and breakfast in the Hamlet of Caratuck, population 65 people per Inn owner. Two hostels, post office (open 2-4 pm only), and a closed gas station. In was a great place to stay and we had a hiker rate $40 for a bed, free laundry, breakfast, and a great food resupply – hiker dream! Plus they had frozen pizza to cook and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Life is good.