Covered about 40 miles of very tough up and downs. It’s hard, especially the down hills on my old knees. Day 14 we had our canoe ride across the Kennebec River, mandatory, due to some hikers being swept away by the current and worst case drowning. Still hiking with Lucky Boy and enjoying his company. It’s an answer to prayer. Rain again on day 15 in the morning and afternoon and a heavy rain and thunderstorms at night. In my tent and dry, thankfully! Next day much cooler but the sun was out – great hiking, but the terrain was tough!!! Steep uphills and down hills. Climbed up two 4,000 foot peaks and above the tree line for Maine. It was cold and windy. Great views! Safely to Stratton and the Hostel of Maine. It’s owned and run by a young couple. A great place. Did our laundry, for a fee, good breakfast, continental, and very relaxing. Thankful for the blessing. After 15 days of hiking I’ve lost 11 lbs. Working on my diet and calories I need to take in. Obviously I’m not eating enough yet. My next stage is 35 miles to Rangley, Maine and only 100 miles left in Maine. Some hard hiking still to do in southern Maine, before New Hampshire and the Presidential Range. Thank you for your prayers for myself and Brenda!!