Wednesday, July 18.  Mike hiked a tough steep mountain today. It was up and down all of the 10 1/2 miles. Made it to Sugar Loaf Mountain, a new ski resort which they have opened up to hikers during the off season. He slept in a bunk room with 6 other people. Received texts from Ken Horjus and Steve Kragt today, encouraging him. Thanks Ken and Steve.

Thursday, July 19. Mike called during staff devotions and was able to talk with us and share a devotion from his Heaven Calling devotional. He said the weather was cooler, with less humidity. Left back to the trail about 12:30 to do a 6 hour day. They hiked to Crocker Cirque Campsite.

Friday, July 20. Hike  14 miles to Poplar Ridge Lean Too. It was a steep climb down and a little climb up.