July 21. Mike hiked to Rangeley Inn today. It was a tough up and down climb with many rocks and tree stumps. He is feeling well and eating better. I guess that means he is getting more protein in his diet. Mike’s phone is not working so we will not have contact with him until he gets to Gorham, New Hampshire, which is about 5-6 days away. He said he was taking off Sunday morning Juy 22,with Woody, a boy just out of high school. Woody will take off faster today since he is a faster walker than Mike. Thank you to Woody for letting Mike use his phone yesterday to update me (Brenda) and let me know his phone is being mailed to me. I will bring it to be fixed or to get a new phone, which ever the case might be. Woody texted me today to give me a track number for Mike’s phone. God has put many good people in Mike’s life and we are very grateful for that.

July 23. God is more than good. He has placed another angel on the trail today. His name is Fat Man Walking. He gave Mike his phone so that Mike could call me. I was sure I wouldn’t hear anything for about 5-6 days but God was more than generous again.

Mike hiked on Sunday and had a fall. He tweaked his knee when his body went one way and his knee went the other way. He had a lot of pain on Sunday night but when talking on Monday night he said it felt a lot better. (taking Aleve and Extra Strength Tylenol) He was in Andover ME. Mike also hiked through rain all day Sunday and Monday, which was probably why he fell. Praying that Grabiel and Michael ( his hiking poles) start watching him a little better. Mike also hitch hiked for the first time ever and was picked up by the very first car that came by.

We appreciate all the prayers and love you have sent to us. We are humbled by God’s goodness as Mike hikes and as I stay here at the CRCG. This goodness has been shown by so many of you. We love you all and ask for continued prayers.