Of the 280 miles in Maine this section was still tough with lots of rock and “PUD’s” (pointless ups & downs). For the most part they were not as steep. I covered about 74 miles over 6 days. One day was a nero (hiked a half day). One day of rain and the rest of the days the temps were in the upper 60’s to 70’s. I’m passing on the average about 10 north bound thru-hikers a day. They are looking forward to ending their journey. The amount of guy and girl hikers is about even with the young crowd. Their are also a lot of seniors like myself. The majority of hikers are respectful and look out for each other. I have been blessed in this way and hopefully to others as well. We are all going through the same experiences and challenges.

I have been disappointed that I have not seen any big critters, especially a moose. With all the their droppings on the trail they are lots of moose around. Another reason I think they poop on the trail besides trying to get hikers to slip and fall is get the flies to chase us! The flies smell us hikers coming and we smell better to the flies then the moose poop and then come after us. It’s a no win situation.

During this timeframe I was still hiking with Lucky Boy. We are the same age, ability, and personalities. It’s been good. He is now going to take a few days off so that his hiking partner, Cheesesteak, can catch up with him after being off the trail for five days.

Continue to pray for for strength, stamina, and safety!