I arrived in Gorham New Hampshire physically and mentally exhausted. After two weeks plus of hiking it was time to take a couple of days of rest. I stayed at Libby’s Inn and hostel for three nights. Two nights in the in area with a private room and private bathroom and one night in the hiker hostel. The two nights in the Inn was my birthday present after spending my birthday hiking the hardest mile on the trail in the rain. On arrival I weighed myself and I was at 185 lbs which means I had lost 16 lbs over the last 27 days. It was time to pig out! Here I come Subway, Dunkin Donuts, Mr Pizza, Burger King, McDonald’s, and any other eating places in Gorham.Sunday was a very quiet and restful day for me. I was going to go to the church right next door to this end but found out it is now a historical Art Center. So I spent time with my heaven calling Devotional book and with lots of prayer giving thanks for my safety and protection throughout the trail over the last 27 days.On Monday I went to the post office to pick up my phone a working phone it feels good to be able to be able to call Brenda and contact my family. I also did my resupply for food as well as equipment. There was an outfitter store in Gorham where I purchased new hiking shoes to replace my very wet and worn out boots (400 miles total on the boots-ouch), my hiking poles which I had broke when I fell, and a new rain cover for my backpack. I also visited the local Family Medical Center to have my elbows looked at which were swollen and very very sore. They prescribed some antibiotics and that I ice them three to four times a day. I have a follow-up visit on Thursday when I will be back in Gorham after hiking the 21 mile wilderness mountain loop.The rest time has gone well and the lesson I have learned is that I will not go 2 weeks without taking a zero-day again. Part of the issue of hiking so many days in a row was because I wanted to get my phone back as quickly as possible because I use it for my GPS as well as hiking guidance while on the trail.Attached are two pictures, one of the hostel I’m staying in and the bunkhouse I share with about twenty other hikers. Guys, girls and couples – big hiking family.