The Wildcat Mt. Section in New Hampshire is about 21 miles long and covers six peaks that go over 4000 feet it is all up and down hiking with some steep descents and steep climbs. My knees were not happy hikers. I usually take three extra strength Tylenol to start the day 2 at lunch time and another 3 when I end the day. I will be purchasing knee braces at my next rest or 0 days coming up. Meeting lots of Northbound hikers as they head to Katahdin and also a good contingent of southbound hikers as I take a few more zero days and they catch up with me. still have not seen any large Critters or animals built on the trail there is still lots of evidence of them being around.

I now have reached think I’m not which is the start of climbing the white mountain ranges and the first one that I will be climbing will be Mount Washington which is a little over 6, 000 feet high. my son Jason is joining me on Saturday to make this 30-mile hike over three days. currently I will be taking zero-days again on Thursday and Friday as I wait for Jason to arrive looking forward to seeing my son and the opportunity to hike with him for the next three days. I continue to covet your prayers for Jason and myself as we make this hike.

Attached pictures are from wilcat mountain range.