After finishing the first section of the White Mountains, the presidential range with my son Jason, I began the middle section of the White Mountains. After Jason left on Tuesday noon I took the rest of the day as a zero day in preparation for the next 5 days of hiking, approximately 50 miles. It was again some steep climbs and descents over six mountains of over 4000 feet and then Mount Lafayette at 5200 feet. My knees again were not happy hikers. I now wear knee support braces to help with a climbs and especially the descents otherwise I don’t think I would be able to continue. Have met lots of Northbound thru-hikers, many southbound thru-hikers, and lots of vacationers and day hikers all hiking the many trails through the White Mountains. one night I stayed in one of the full service Huts (Zealand Hut- appropriate since I live close to Zeeland, MI). Many of the vacationers and day hikers use these huts while hiking the many trails through the White Mts. It is expensive, anywhere from $100 to $150 per night based upon the hut and its amenities. I did not pay because they allow through hikers to work for stay. My work was to clean their oven and stove top. It took me about an hour and a half to clean and scrub the top of the stove and also the oven with all the baked on grease and whatever else spilled. I hope Lynn , our kitchen leader, does not get any ideas about me😁! For my work I was rewarded with a pulled pork dinner with pasta, tomato soup, and beverage, plus the opportunity to lay my mattress and sleeping bag on the dining room floor after lights out at 10 pm. It was well worth it!! The White Mountains are beautiful, scenery was fantastic, I had sunshine for most of the hike. It is a lot of work, but I am rewarded by seeing God’s creation in a very special way. Still have not seen any big critters.

I thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers for my safety and protection. It is remarkable how our God provides in so many ways!! I am blessed!