After hiking with Jason for the past 3 days through the presidential range of the White Mountains, he headed back for home on August 7. Jason left at noon and I decided to take the rest of the day as a 0 day at a hiker hostel in preparation to hike the remaining peaks in the Presidential Range, Garfield, Lincoln, etc…….. Lafayette is the highest at 5,200 feet and there were four more in the 4,000 plus range. As always it’s up and down. I call them knee killers!! I now wear knee support braces and they do help. Even the young ones whom seem to hip and hop across the rocks were complaining! Made me feel better. The first night I slept in a trail shelter with 12 other hikers. The next night I did work for stay in one of the huts they have built on the trail. These huts sleep between 40 and 60 people at a cost of $100 to $120 a night. They get a bunk bed, dinner, breakfast, and a communal bathroom. NO showers or electricity! As a through hiker I can stay for free if I work about two hours. I receive supper and then get to lay my mattress and sleeping bag on the dining room floor after 10 pm (lights out and quiet time). I have to pack up by 6am so they can set up to serve their guests breakfast. Overall it’s a good deal for hikers. My work that night was to clean the oven. Please do not tell Lynn!!! The weather for the three days was great!Mostly sunshine and temps in the 50’s on the mountain tops and above tree line, but also very windy. The valley or notch area the temps were in the 70’s. I’m hiking currently with Tar – trail name (72 years old), Chris and Madison – real names, OTB – off the bench, and Fay- trail name. We are walking our own hike,but seem to end at the same place each night. I have some pictures of the huts and some of the mountain tops.I am blessed by your prayers. Our awesome God is providing everyday! I should never have doubts!!