Again, another two days of tough climbs and decents. This is what the White mountains of New Hampshire are all about. Kinsman mountain section is just under 20 miles long. The trail is rocks, tree roots, and mud. The first day it was sunny, but that night rain moved in and lasted through the morning. It just made hiking a little more difficult with all the mud and slippery rocks. That is part of A/T hiking and I have to mentally adjust. Meeting lots of north bound hikers as they continue their journey to complete the trail in September, before the weather at Katahdin gets to cold. It’s nice to hear the northbounders say,” New Hampshire is tougher than what we have been doing!”. It’s encouraging to think it’s going to get easier once the white are over. Hopefully in the next three days. I will pass the 400 mile mark, for a southbounder, on Wednesday – Yea! I hope to be in Vermont on Sunday.

My devitions today we’re “Majesty Revealed” Each day I see His Majesty and experience his blessings with the people I meet and his protection while hiking the trail. I am blessed!!