Coming down Kinsman mountain in the rain I decided to take a zero day to refresh, resupply, and give my knees a break from all the up and downs. I’m staying at the Notch Hiker Hostel (picture attached). I stay in the bunkhouse with about 20-24 other hikers, get pancakes for breakfast (make them myself), shower and get laundry done. The weather report was not good for The next day (14th) so I decided to do work for stay. I did some gardening for them. I weeded their two vegetable gardens. I plan to hike out on Wednesday morning and complete the last big mountain climb, Mooselauki, and reach the New Hampshire / Vermont border this weekend. With my reduced milege and some extra zero days I have taken I’m about a week behind in my schedule. I hope to make this up in Vermont and Massachusetts where the terrain is supposed to be easier. We will see!

Hopefully my next updates will be this weekend when I get time and cell phone reception. Thank you for all prayers!

ayers and support!! It is greatly appreciated!!