After five more days of hiking and little or no cell phone coverage it’s time for an update now that I’m in Hanover, NH, on the New Hampshire / Vermont border. I have now hiked just under 450 miles since my start on July 3.

Mt. Mooselauki us a 4,800 feet high and it’s climb and descent of 3,500 feet. It is the last of the White mountain major peaks that we climb on the trail. It is also one of the steepest climbs for a south bounder on the trail. I would rather climb it then descent like the North bounders. It took 10 hours to complete the 11 miles of up and over. I was glad when it was done. It went okay but again it was painful for my knees. At the top it was so foggy you could not see anything (attached picture). On good clear days you are supposed to see over 50 miles in all directions. I could see maybe 25 feet. Met lots of North bound hikers and I’m hiking with Tar & OTB & Woody (trail names and southbounders). We all celebrated together at the Hikers welcome hostel (burgers, fries, & milk shake) and when to bed at 8 pm to rest for the next day!