As south bound hikers we were now looking forward to easier hiking based upon our guidebooks. The highest climbs were in the 2000 foot range and descents were less steep. Still lots of rock to climb over and around, but very manageable! The weather was good for the first two days, but then a major storm came in on our third night about 8 pm. I was in the shelter (called Trapper John’s – in the past it was the site where he supposedly stayed) knowing that a storm was coming and did not want to be in my tent. The storm came with lightning, thunder, wind, and a heavy downpour! Their were seven if us in the shelter and five tenters at the site. Our misfortune was that the open side of our shelter was the direction the wind was blowing, so we had to huddle against the back wall to keep from getting wet until about 10 pm. It continued to rain, but the wind had died down. Did our best to sweep the water out of the shelter and put our mattresses and sleeping bags back down. Yes it’s trail life!!! The next morning it did rain again until about 8 am. I packed up and left and hoped to make it to the next shelter by 3 pm when the next rain was forcasted. I was able to make the six miles through streams of water on the trail, mud, water falling off the trees and brush as you walked through. Don’t need a shower now. Fortunately it cleared up and no more rain. Very Thankful!!! An answer to prayer!The last day was a hike I was looking forward too!! Eleven miles almost all down hill and a gradual descent. I left the shelter at 7 am and got into Hanover just past noon. Covered 11 miles in just over five hours! I had reserved a hotel room in town to shower, clean up, and rest. The next day would do laundry, re-supply my food and get some medication for a cold and runny nose. It’s a little gross when you have to keep blowing your nose with your hand and then rub it on leaves or branches. You can never get it all off and then it’s on the handles of my hiking poles and you don’t want to rub it on your hiking shorts because their already gross! Did I say that’s trail life – yep!!Over all things have gone well. So far I have been kept safe, my elbows are healing, knees are sore (hopefully rest and easier terrain will help ease the pain), I have lost between 15 to 20 lbs (easier for me t lose weight then make my pack lighter) ind I have met some good people on the trail who have blessed me and hopefully I have blessed them. I miss Brenda very much, my family, and the crcg family. I am thankful for all your orayers and supportAttached are a couple of pictures of the trail.