One of the basics of trail life are the proves. When your body tells you have to pee you just walk off the trail and go into the woods or rock pile and relieve yourself, easy enough. When you have to do the waste management thing (poop) you have three choices: 1. Find a privy (usually by a shelter). 2. Go into the woods, dig a hole 6-8 inches deep and squat. 3. Get constipated and wait till you get into town or hostel (not recommended)! So far I have been able to make option number one work! Their are lots of different types of Privies that I have experienced and I have attached pictures,(I hope they load up on the blog).

The first is the open air privy. Advantages are you know when it’s being used, the smell is much better, you have more room to move around, you can see, and you can look at nature while you do a natural thing. The second privy andist common is the box privy. You have privacy, but that’s it. You open the door, get into position, try to leave the door open a little bit or a lot, drop.your pants, open the lid, hopefully drop into position because the smell will knock you out, wake up, check if you done your duty, clean up (wet wipes are a must have!) And get out. Whew….that’s done for another day! The third privy is the porch privy. It is screened in! Advantages of open air, a little more privacy, and you can see if someone is using it. The forth privy is the throne chair and instructions. Very helpful. It just wasn’t real sanitary, if any are. The last one are the newer privies that are ADA complinent. They are big, have ramps, handles to hold onto, clear plastic roofs so you can see, and better ventilation. I’m just not sure how individuals with walkers and wheel chairs are going to be able to navigate the trail to use them? The last privy, sorry no picture, is the two seater, with two doors, but one bigger room. If their are two of you in the privy just ask how your hike is going and the biggest challenge was so far. I count myself fortunate because I was the only one using at the time, yes it can be awkward, but again that’s the trail.😀 Their are lots

more stories to tell!