The past few months have been unlike any we’ve ever experienced. From canceled reservations in April to needing to keep our campground closed for Memorial Day Weekend, we, like many of you, have been experiencing firsthand the impacts of COVID-19. Reflecting back over the history of the Conference Grounds, however, we recognize that COVID-19 isn’t the first challenging situation that our ministry has encountered. In all of these challenges, the Lord has continued to show his faithfulness and blessing over our ministry.

In response to the impacts COVID-19 has had on our organization, we designed Night of Light – a virtual fundraising effort to support our ministry and give testimony that Christ’s light still shines in the darkness. While an empty campground is not what we envisioned or ever would have hoped for Memorial Day Weekend, we believe we are called to testify to the Lord’s faithfulness even in the midst of darkness.

We’re inviting you to get involved by donating and sponsoring a fire as a part of our Night of Light. At 9:00pm on Sunday, May 24, 2020, we’ll be lighting fires throughout our campground based on the donations received as a part of this event. We will be streaming live from our Facebook page for the world to see our light and the hope we have in Christ. Our campground has 140 campsites, and it’s our goal to have every fire lit! That would be $35,000!

A fire will be lit in your honor with a donation of $250.00. A donation of $500.00 will light two fires, etc. You can also contribute to light a group fire with a donation of any amount ($25.00, $50.00, $175.00, etc.) – gifts of all sizes are appreciated. All donations will go to support the continued ministry of the Christian Reformed Conference Grounds. (If you would prefer to donate via check, please mail directly to the CRCG office and call so that we know to light a fire in your honor.)

Donate now using this link!…
Or go to our website and donate here,

Then tune in to our Facebook page on Sunday for our Night of Light program at 9:00pm where you’ll be able to see our campground light up, participate in worship, and join us in praying over our upcoming season!