Due to the impending winter storm, we are strongly encouraging everyone to stay home for camping registration which will take place on Saturday, January 13. There were 31 people here this morning and after they drew their place in the walk in line, Mr. Mike told everyone they could go home. On Saturday, we will be doing the registration starting with the first walk in and then drawing two mail and will continue this process throughout the day. If you would like to add your name to the walk in list, you are welcome to add it in the Sunshine Room but you do not need to stay at the Grounds. The Sunshine Room will be open tonight and tomorrow but we strongly encourage you to sign in and then leave. We will be sending out confirmations by mail for camping by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. If you have any questions or want to add more specifics to your mail in reservation request, we will be in the office from 9-4:30 tomorrow (616-842-4478). We will not be taking phone calls on Saturday. Stay safe everyone! Happy winter!