Coming down Kinsman mountain in the rain I decided to take a zero day to refresh, resupply, and give my knees a break from all the up and downs. I’m staying at the Notch Hiker Hostel (picture attached). I stay in the bunkhouse with about 20-24 other hikers, get pancakes for breakfast (make them myself), shower and get laundry done. The weather report was not good for The next day (14th) so I decided to do work for stay. I did some gardening for them. I weeded their two vegetable gardens. I plan to hike out on Wednesday morning and complete the last big mountainRead More →

Again, another two days of tough climbs and decents. This is what the White mountains of New Hampshire are all about. Kinsman mountain section is just under 20 miles long. The trail is rocks, tree roots, and mud. The first day it was sunny, but that night rain moved in and lasted through the morning. It just made hiking a little more difficult with all the mud and slippery rocks. That is part of A/T hiking and I have to mentally adjust. Meeting lots of north bound hikers as they continue their journey to complete the trail in September, before the weather at Katahdin getsRead More →

After hiking with Jason for the past 3 days through the presidential range of the White Mountains, he headed back for home on August 7. Jason left at noon and I decided to take the rest of the day as a 0 day at a hiker hostel in preparation to hike the remaining peaks in the Presidential Range, Garfield, Lincoln, etc…….. Lafayette is the highest at 5,200 feet and there were four more in the 4,000 plus range. As always it’s up and down. I call them knee killers!! I now wear knee support braces and they do help. Even the young ones whom seemRead More →

After finishing the first section of the White Mountains, the presidential range with my son Jason, I began the middle section of the White Mountains. After Jason left on Tuesday noon I took the rest of the day as a zero day in preparation for the next 5 days of hiking, approximately 50 miles. It was again some steep climbs and descents over six mountains of over 4000 feet and then Mount Lafayette at 5200 feet. My knees again were not happy hikers. I now wear knee support braces to help with a climbs and especially the descents otherwise I don’t think I would beRead More →

My son, Jason, has finally made it here! He was supposed to arrive on Friday, but due to flight delays, due to weather, he got to Gorham Saturday morning after a 3 hour rental car drive from Burlington, Vermont. I had been resting at Libby’s hiker hostel for the last two days waiting for him. I’m glad I was not hiking on Friday due to all the rain, plus it rained hard through the night, and Saturday morning finally clearing about noon.The Presidential Mountain range is a 30 mile hike from Pickham Notch to Crawford Notch. It is a series of picks named after theRead More →

The Wildcat Mt. Section in New Hampshire is about 21 miles long and covers six peaks that go over 4000 feet it is all up and down hiking with some steep descents and steep climbs. My knees were not happy hikers. I usually take three extra strength Tylenol to start the day 2 at lunch time and another 3 when I end the day. I will be purchasing knee braces at my next rest or 0 days coming up. Meeting lots of Northbound hikers as they head to Katahdin and also a good contingent of southbound hikers as I take a few more zero daysRead More →

I arrived in Gorham New Hampshire physically and mentally exhausted. After two weeks plus of hiking it was time to take a couple of days of rest. I stayed at Libby’s Inn and hostel for three nights. Two nights in the in area with a private room and private bathroom and one night in the hiker hostel. The two nights in the Inn was my birthday present after spending my birthday hiking the hardest mile on the trail in the rain. On arrival I weighed myself and I was at 185 lbs which means I had lost 16 lbs over the last 27 days. ItRead More →

This was the toughest five day stretch of the AT hiking so far! Not only due to the terrain but also the weather! It rained every single day and had some very hard downpours during the night. I’m thankful that my tent kept me dry at night, but during the day I was wet even though wearing rain gear. The trail became streams of water and at the low points you walked through mud and water ankle to knee deep. My hiking boots were never dry for the five day period. Each morning you would put on the same wet hiking clothes you wore theRead More →