CRCG Debt Reduction

We are very thankful for all support and donations we have received in the past year for our debt reduction efforts!   This year (2019) we will be paying off $200,000 in personal loan debt leaving us with just over $650,000 in debt.  The Conference Grounds has paid off over $500,000 in debt in the last three years with the donations received and the support for Mr. Mike’s A/T hike (over $325,000)! We thank our awesome God for the gifts and support we have received from our supporting families! Our bank loans are paid off and we are thankful that our remaining debt is with loans from supporting families and individuals.  Our goal is to have our loans paid off in three years!  Our loans currently are for the construction of our beach bathhouse, the last two cottages we built, and the many infrastructure improvements we were required to do for our campground and facility operations. We appreciate your continues support of the ministry here!

Your tax deductible donation can be made by mailing us a check:
CRCG, 12253 Lake Shore Drive, Grand Haven, MI 49417.
Please memo “Appalachian Trail Hike” on your check.

OR click on the donate button above.

Facility Improvements Planned for 2020:

  1. Remodel two more cottages – Repainted, new stoves, new living area furniture, and new flooring (summer #13 for some of our cottages!)
  2. Repainting most of the bedrooms in the cottages
  3. Gathering Center: repainted, new furniture, and possibly new flooring.
  4. New energy efficient LED lights in our parking lots!
  5. Hopefully resurface our tennis courts.
  6. Additional pool area chairs and loungers.

What’s Next?

New Ministry Center – Replace the Current Sunshine Room, Store, Kitchen:

Thank you to all the campers, cottagers, and visitors who gave us feedback on the future new ministry center which is the planned replacement for the current Sunshine Room, kitchen, store, registration area, with the addition of new cottage style hotel suites and meeting rooms.  Most of the feedback we received liked the new concept with some reservations on the additional cottage style suites.  Additional feedback we received was a bigger and air conditioned Sunshine Room, more meeting places, larger store with more grocery or camping supplies, keep the ice cream and candy area the same, new camping & cottage registration area with a welcoming lounge, and many liked the idea of cottage style suite lodging.  Taking all those ideas together with what has been approved for by Grand Haven Township, we have a preliminary plan for a 20-24 thousand square foot facility.  The facility would be located where the current Sunshine Room building is located just on a larger footprint than the current structure (current structure is about 10,000 square feet. The timeframe for such a facility is still 5 years out with the first priority to pay off our current debt and then raise the majority of the funds (3-4 million) prior to the start of construction. We ask for your prayers as the board continues to seek God’s guidance as they plan for the future of Conference Grounds family ministry.

Additional Cottages and Potential Change to B-Section Camping:

The Board is also looking at the possibility of adding more cottages. The demand for our cottages both for the summer and non-summer season continues to be fantastic. In order to stay in compliance with our site plan as approved by Grand Haven Township we would have to remove some campsites to make room for more cottages.  The most feasible spot due to the infrastructure already available is the area next to our pastor’s cottage and behind Peace and Joy, which means that some of our B campsites would be eliminated to fit an additional 2 cottages.  The request for more cottages and the additional revenue it would generate would be a big benefit.  At the same time the board is considering  making the other B-campsites full hook-up (adding septic), with cement pads, and possibly made bigger to accommodate some of the bigger trailers and motor-homes that have a very hard time maneuvering and fitting on our current campsites.  This would be a major change to our campground and cottage footprint.    Your prayers for wisdom and direction as our board considers what is best for the future of the Grounds ministry!

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