Ministry Center Challenge Match for the Summer of 2023!

Summer Challenge: This summer we received a challenge gift of $23,000 for June, July, and August for the new ministry center.  We are excited to say that each month the challenge was matched or very close! In June we received $23,500, in July – $22,847, and in August – $28,655, for a total of $75,002!  THANK YOU TO OUR CRCG FAMILY!

Investment Opportunity:

Would you be willing to invest in the CRCG family ministry?  The Conference Grounds is seeking personal loans that will pay 3 to 4 % interest on a yearly basis for a 3 to 10 year period.  The loans will be used to finance the new ministry center and septic system. We are requesting the loans to be a minimum of $25,000 or more.  If you are interested in this WIN/WIN for both you and the Grounds ministry please give Director Mike a call at 616 842-4478.

Ministry Center:

Looking to the future, we are excited to build our New Ministry Center, which will replace our current Sunshine room, Kitchen facilities, restaurant /store, and registration area.  The Board of Directors has given approval to AMDG Architects to draw up final plans, and work with GDK as our general contractor. We are excited about replacing our tired, worn-out facility with a new building that will be approximately 9,000 square feet. This will provide us with a larger and modernized kitchen, a separate registration area, an updated store /restaurant, and a larger sunshine room that will include a serving area with a small café and restrooms. Along with the physical and aesthetic benefits of this new building, it will increase our ministry opportunities year-round.  This ministry center will be a place for families, friends, and neighbors to gather, play games, and fellowship for generations to come.  Our hope and prayer is that we can start construction after Labor Day 2024 and have the new ministry center dedicated Memorial Day weekend 2025 as we begin a new summer season and celebrate 75 years of family ministry!

Septic System Improvements:

Our septic operations were in compliance with EGLE state requirements for the summer of 2023!  Though, again we had capacity concerns with our flows in July, August, LDW, and the total for the year.  The Grounds septic system was built in the mid-1980s to accommodate the camping and cottage improvements of the 1990’s and 2000’s.  With the addition of the worship center, year-round cottage usage, and the 30 plus years of operations our septic system is maximized. To continue our current operations and construct the new ministry center the Board of Directors has decided our first step in the process is replacing our current septic system and hooking up to the Grand Haven municipal system (our current system is not expandable), per the recommendation of our engineering firm Fishbeck, who monitors and issues the operational reports to EGLE.  The engineering work with Grand Haven Township has started and we are planning to have the new system in operation by the summer of 2025. The tentative cost is around $2 million dollars and is a part of our capital campaign.  Yes, it’s expensive, but it would be a major improvement for the Grounds operations, allow for future development, and shows good stewardship of our environment.

Facility Improvements 2024:

  1. Cottage upgrades:
  2. Continue with replacing appliances in the cottages
  3. Continue to replace furniture In the cottages – (Happiness this spring)
  4. Deck repairs
  5. Pool area improvements: Replacing lounge and sitting chairs and more new fencing.
  6. Continue to make upgrades to our landscaping and flower planting areas.
  7. New windows in the activity center – gym, meeting rooms and recreation room upstairs.
  8. New paving from B/C bathhouse down to the boulevard (back road behind cottages).
  9. Lots of tree work – trimming and removing dead branches along the outside perimeter of the campsites