“And she shall bring forth a son, and you shall call His name Jesus: for He shall save His people from their sins. Matthew 1:23

Take time to rest and reflect on the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, at this time that we call Advent.  Ponder, as Mary did after Jesus was born and the shepherds came to visit. Can you imagine all that had just taken place and was unfolding.  He is the Messiah, the Lord!

So we continue to celebrate Jesus’ Birth today. Let’s praise and glorify God for all the things we have heard and learned through His Word

Give Thanks With a Grateful!

Welcome to the Conference Grounds prayer page.  Please pray for the ministry of the CRCG.    The Conference Grounds has been blessed in so many ways over the past 71  years and we give God all the glory. By praying, you can be a vital part of the ministry of the Grounds and join God in his work.


  • Praise God for our faithful supporters.
  • Praise God as we celebrate this season we call Christmas!
  • Praise God for our many volunteers who continue to bless us throughout the fall, winter, and spring season.
  • Praise God for His daily care and provision, His love and faithfulness, His grace and mercy, His gift of Salvation, given through the birth, death, and resurrection of His precious Son.  He is Risen!


  • Pray for our world as we continue to deal with the Covid 19 Pandemic and all of the changes we are faced with.
  • Pray for all those who are battling with health concerns.
  • Pray for our elderly family and friends who are living in care facilities and are struggling with loneliness.
  • Pray for good health and strength for all summer team who are back to school and now ready for exam coming up.
  • Pray for peace and restoration in our world.
  • Pray that  we continue to use our gifts and talents to serve God in all we do.
  • Pray trusting and believing God is in control of all things, He reigns over all, and His plan is a good one!